Super Mecha Champions – A battle against giant robots

Super Mecha Champions is a multiplayer anime-style battle royale game, which is very much similar to PUBG Mobile, Apex Legend and Fortnite. Like in these games, Super Mecha Champions also involves fighting against 99 other players, where all of the players are landed on an isolated city and have to collect weapons and other items to fight for their survival. The aim of all players is to be the last man standing, which makes it more challenging gameplay to survive till the end.

The only difference from other battle royale games is the choice of character; here you have to use a Mecha, a giant robot having its own powerful set of abilities and moves. The Mecha makes this game more thrilled when you sitting in this giant robot control its moves and attacks.

As you expect in other battle royale games, in Super Mecha Champions as well, the gameplay completely depends on you whether you just focus on your survive for long or focus on taking out all your enemies on the battlefield which will get smaller and smaller as you progress in the game. To make your survival, you have to take as many weapons as you can, which can easily be taken from the scattered weapons over the battlefield. But, make sure while picking the weapons, you also have to be careful from other players.

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The weapons help a lot in keeping you alive as long as possible. Also, make sure not to spend much time out of the battlefield as it will affect your health bar and may finish off very quickly.

The main difference in Super Mecha Champions as compared to other similar games is taking control of the giant robots called Mecha. Each character in this game has their own Mecha which they will use for the battle. To get the benefits of this power, you have to wait until the marker gets full up, which can be done faster by picking some items or by simply taking out your enemies.

All players can fight in both Mecha and human form based on the situation. After a certain time, Mecha requires to be recharged, so at that time, you can play as a human while your Mecha is recharging. Playing with robot increases the survival percentage to a great extent, all thanks to the highly destructive capabilities of these robots.

Overall, we can say that Super Mecha Champions is an excellent game where you get a chance to battle against giant robots as your enemies. So, if you want to experience this game with anime esthetics and wonderful graphics, try this gameplay today only.