Stick Fight:The Game – Some Basic and Map Tips

Many people who play Stick Fight: The Game for the first time usually get little confused in this gameplay. One thing that should always keep in mind that the blocks you see in the game are not the blocks, they are actually the counters. Here, we will let you learn about some of the handful basic and map tips which you can use in your gameplay to win the matches.

Basic Tips

Some tips are importants for Stick Fight. Only use the counter if your enemy has a weapon and you have nothing or if your enemy is using auto-clicker on its light punch, it helps in determining when it comes to the next attack.

Always try to shoot in short bursts or you must use weapon having high recoil to shoot once. You need to wait for the nest attempt if you are aiming.

One thing that you must be known about is that the enemy will always move in the direction which you are hitting. Suppose, you are hitting in the downward direction, the enemy will move in the down and if you choose to hit upwards, the enemy will be pushed up. So always aim your attack in the direction you want to go. It is the best idea if you hit the enemies into spikes.

If you are using sword and a normal bullet hits it, the bullet will be blocked. In the similar way, if you deflect or shoot a bullet into the gun of the enemy, it will disarm your enemy.

Headshots has always a great damage, so it is used to give some extra damage on anything

Map Tips

Let’s have some map tips.

In the winter maps, the ice can be broken and if any large piece falls on the enemy, it will bring damage to the enemy. Also, if you are close to your enemy in the winter maps, you can use ice walls to hit the enemies. In some cases, the ice can also wall on them giving them an extra damage.

The snake launcher in the winter maps is highly capable of breaking ice much easily. If you use it to hit the enemy, it goes through the ice to hit the enemy.

When the snake pit in the Wild West map has AK into the snake barrels, you must always hurry at the beginning with the aim to get an AK and after receiving AK, immediately get out. It is so, because you may die if you take too much time or fall in.

In the castle map, you can hold the slide to move through drawbridge and take an enemy surprisingly. If you a sniffer rifle, you must take advantage of this tip.