Some top legendary skills you must know to play Immortal Conquest

Immortal Conquest is a virtual amalgamation of strategizing, building and combatting games all in one. The players can explore a map made of 2 million pieces of lands that they can conquer and build on. Players are allowed to choose from over 30 different kinds of troops to form their army and train them to engage in combat with your enemies.

There are different skills that you must acquire to be able to compete with seasoned players. One must know their way around the controls and the gameplay. There are several options available to players to choose from, which might be overwhelming to new players. Here are some skills that you must have to play Immortal Conquest

Spirit Form

This skill is usually developed by dismantling. Research degree of this skill can be increased by 5% using the Epic Gairo Card. it is the most practical option for a specific Gairo that has high grouping requirements.

Spirit Punishment

In one turn it launches an attack against the enemy team and decreases the impact of their attack by one-third of the total amount, which will last two turns. The probability of this skill is not low and the damage caused by this is considerable. This is one of the best skills to gain in Immortal Conquest.


It takes one turn to prepare and inflict the enemy team with Beserk and making them undifferentiated attacks that can last up to two turns. It is not the best option for a front lien long team but it is a great technique to counter any attack and can surprise you from time to time.


This skill can be used in the first two turns after the game begins and it allows the self troop to make two normal attacks in each round. This skill can be grouped with many skills such as Gairo and impact the enemy greatly. It has a 30 offence and attack capability.


This skill launches a very fierce attack at the enemy target and causes them to be dysfunctional and unable to attack for one move. Practicality is equivalent to a blockade but the spirit skill nullifies the attack and hence is superior.

These skills are the best options for new players of Immortal Conquest and allow the player to navigate their way through the game easily as well as defeat their enemies with much more ease.