Some Onmyoji Arena Ninja characters and their abilities

Onmyoji Arena allows players to pose as supernaturally gifted humans that can summon spirits that are called Shikigami. These Shikigami are all uniquely abled and have different powers and skills that allow them to destroy the enemies. The game aims to destroy the evil spirits that are trying to take over the world.

One of the most loved features of this game is that it is possible to choose from a wide range of Shikigami making the game versatile and more interesting. The Shikigami are further divided into categories each representing a common aspect of the powers that the spirits possess. The Ninja Sikigami or the Samurai Shikigami have many skills that one would want to use in their gameplay. Here are some of the most powerful ninja characters in Onmyoji Arena.


Hannya is capable of different kinds of attacks. The first one of these attacks is called passive effect which deals 50% damage to the enemy and in melee stage, it deals more damage to enemies with less than 50% health. The other move that Hannya is capable of performing is firing the ghoul mask that allows it to cause more than 50% AD damage.

There are many spells to pick from as well. The best spell to cast through the character of Hannya is Flash and Heal or subdue.


Its abilities include heart blade which is capable of dealing 68% of the attack damage that Inugami is capable of. The other moves include loyal heart which deals 50% true damage to the enemy. With rising wind an inugami is capable of dealing 60% damage, giving him more control speed and giving him a control-immune effect.

You should use flash and subdue as spells with this ninja Shikigami in the game of Onmyoji Arena.

Kuro Mujou

The soul slayer allows the player to amplify the damage caused by Kuro Mujou to over 20% of the original damage caused. Punishment allows the player to deal 120 damage to the enemy when used. The soul eater is a secret attack that allows Kuro Mujou that provides an 80% slow effect on the enemy.

The spells that should be used by this character are flash and heal.

These Shikigami truly enhance the game and allow the players to do their best with their amazing abilities and powers that give players a competitive edge while playing Onmyoji Arena.

Bonus: Basic tips to play