Rover Rage – An Epic Battle Royale Game like PUBG Mobile

If you are a game lover, you might be very well known about the latest trend in the gaming world, where most of the people prefer to play battle royale, survival, shooter and MOBA like games. Due to this reason, more and more such games are introducing to give something new and innovative to the players.

Rover Rage is a battle royale game which is developed with the aim to give high-quality graphics, effects and a map where players fight with their enemies using their strategies and weapons. But one thing that makes it a little different or more innovative than other battle royale games is the creation and customization of robots in order to get rid of your enemies. Here, you have complete control on your crafted robot on the distant planet. This exclusive feature makes Rover Rage more exciting and creative for the players.

Though Rover Rage offers more than 200 different modules, using them you have to create your robot much more powerful and stronger than others. What makes this game more challenging is to try hard to make a robot which is not alike with other robots in the game.

This gameplay is very much similar to PUBG Mobile, like you will land in the area of the map where your main objective is to survive despite all the challenges that come in your way and to take out the enemies from the battle. In Rover Rage, there is nothing like collecting weapons, kits and other items to upgrade your skills, weapons and all, instead, here you have to pick the pieces to customize your robot. This game includes the number of different rounds, so to be succeeded in all rounds you have to pick as many modules as you can.

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Whether we talk about Rover Rage or PUBG Mobile, the player has only one motive i.e. to take out the rivals from the battle by collecting powerful weapons and other useful items in PUBG Mobile and by collecting maximum modules in Rover Rage.

This wonderful game offers several gaming models and has excellent visual and sound effects. It is all about imagination and your creative engineering skills. How you craft the gathered different parts gives you an opportunity to discover new technologies.

Overall, we can also say that Rover Rage is an epic battle royale game like PUBG that gives innovative gaming experience to the players.