How to choose faction in Legend: Rising Empire?

Faction is one of the innovative features in Legend: Rising Empire that allows you to choose the one from three factions depending on a certain aspect of the game. In this gameplay, when you develop your city to a specific level, the faction feature gets unlock for you.

Each faction type – Money Empire, Industrial, and Warmonger have its own benefits, allowing allies to battle with you along with providing indispensable support to your empire with the help of trades. This is quite crucial when it comes to developing your town. Let’s get to know about these faction types as well as how to choose the one for the strong battle.

Money Empire

Along with helping in boosting the economic strength, Money Empire provides various bonuses as well. You will not only get a chance to build higher income and a number of economic buildings but will also get a bonus for siege engines and ranged soldiers. Money Empire helps a lot in the great start in the early game and also enables you to obtain resources much faster. It means you are more involved around the town that requires more time from you.

It is advised that when you gather resources more quickly, you are still being the potential target for your enemies; it means you are low on defenses. So, we can say that this faction type works great in Guild environment, where the players who are stronger help in defending the weaker players.

Industrial Giant

Similar to Money Empire, this faction also enables you to gather resources quicker but allows you to build more industrial buildings, along with rewarding bonuses to defenses and melee soldiers. This faction is great if you want a stable growth and a more secure environment.

This faction produces resources faster thus increases the resource collection rate, and also helps in upgrading the buildings faster with more resources you need. Thus, you require more money and sometimes you may end up with a shortage of it. So, the benefits of this faction are somewhat difficult to exploit.


This faction type is a wonderful choice to improve military strength and is also great in unlocking various other military buildings. Warmonger provides more upgrading options for your troops.


If you want to learn and enjoy this game slowly, this faction type is the best choice for you as it does not require much time and efforts. You will experience slow but steady growth. Also, when you encounter anything which is quite expensive, you have to wait for it.

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