Cinema APK or Morph TV – What will you Choose?

Cinema APK or Morph TV

After the closure of the Terrarium TV, the users who love to stream movies and TV shows online were upset and confused. There was no other platform like it until two apps got launched. Cinema APK and Morph TV gave users some hope again.

But which app users can download to have the best experience of watching movies and TV shows online? To answer this question comparison were done between these two apps. The answer is still not clear whether to use Cinema APK or Morph TV.

To get this answer and choose a better option between these two, continue reading. We will see the pros and cons of both of these apps and then decide which one is better than others.

Cinema APK


This app supports and is compatible with every Android device. It is a free-to-use app with no hidden charges and that makes it amazing to use. This app offers a unique offline mode in which you can download your favorite movie and TV shows. You can watch them anywhere and anytime even if there is a network problem.

The interface is very tidy and simple to use, so that anyone can use it without any difficulties. This app also supports all the legal frameworks like Amazon Fire TV Stick and supports streams like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube Red and many more.

This app gives you a link to very high-quality movies and TV shows. Some TV shows and movies are given in HD quality with the resolution of the 720p stream. The app also supports the Real-Debrid account and gives benefits to the account holders.


There is some downside to this amazing app, too. The constant ads which appear on the screen during streaming a movie or TV show are bothering the users very much. Sometimes there are buffering issues in some areas that are very frustrating.

Sometimes there is a problem in downloading the content from the app. It takes too long or the given link has expired. There is no built-in chromecast option in this app.

Morph TV


This app is basically an upgraded clone of the critically acclaimed Morpheus TV. The features of it are still there, but some new updates are added in this emulation. More than 20 subtitles languages are supported in this app and there is no delay in subtitles.

The movies and TV shows are ad-free and it is making the experience very pleasing. The app has two sections- TV shows and movies, where choosing your content is more convenient and easy. Moreover, it sources all your media from more than 20 providers.

There is a built-in chromecast option for your convenience to watch your stream not only on your mobile, but also on any media platform. The offline mode feature of Morph TV gives you an option to watch your favorite movies and episodes later.


This app is quite larger as compared to another similar streaming app. There are no benefits for a Real-Debrid account holder. Sometimes the content is not of high quality and lacks quality.


Both the apps have impressive features and some issues, but in the end, as a user, you want to save some space on your phone’s storage. So, it is up to you to decide which app is better for you and suit your entertainment hunger.