Best PS2 emulators for Windows PC

Do you still prefer playing games with controllers and miss the thrill of playing on a console? If you don’t have a console anymore but still have the games, you still might be in luck.

Playing on an emulator has come a long way from playing just 16-bit games to games that have impressive 3D graphics. Although various emulators are available to do the job, some of them extensively provide us a variety of features that not only come handy while gaming but also sometimes surpass the original consoles themselves.

Emulators now support multiple platforms and could also simulate multiple consoles such as PS2, Wii, Nintendo, etc. Thus here’s a list of few best PS2 emulators for Windows PC.

Best PS2 emulators for Windows PC


One of the popular choices among emulators, the PPSSPP Emulator can emulate PSP, PS1, PS2 games with ease even on dual-core machines and androids. You can easily clock 60 FPS on hundreds of titles by utilizing a detailed menu feature that outmatches the original console in terms of graphics management.

Use tools such as anisotropic filtering, upscaling textures & resolution and other minute tweaks for improving graphics up to the High Definition mark for a superior gaming experience. PPSSPP Emulator does not require the hassle of finding and installing a BIOS as the system itself is capable of emulating several games on its own with ROM(s).


The PCSX2 emulator is known to provide reliable stability, no matter which game you play. You can play hundreds of PSP, PS1, PS2 gaming titles because the system utilizes a plugin-based architecture that supports plenty of different hardware available on the market.
The emulator can load games through ROM(s) or even load ‘em directly from optical drives present in a system.

Change a host of graphics settings if you’re unsatisfied with the original default settings that are also well capable of running most games with ease and without stutters and ghosting. Customization is intuitive and the emulator is optimized to perform efficiently, no matter what game you pick.


This is a versatile emulator that is well ahead of most emulators in its class. It was initially impossible to emulate the PS3 environment on the PC platform but with RPCS3 you can play all PSP, PS1, PS2, and PS3 games. The developers have painstakingly designed it in such a way that enables you to enjoy High Definition graphics, no matter which game you play.

All that you’ll need is a base firmware that could be easily found on the PlayStation portal and ROM(s) containing necessary game files. By default, you can play several hundreds of PS titles and could play over 440 titles in HD at 60 FPS. Customizing some graphical settings further will additionally provide you stunning sound and excellent graphics without lag and sync issues.

Final Words

All of these emulators are capable of supporting various console games with incredible graphics and sound. These emulators also provide multi-controller support so you can have a great time with family and friends.