Best guns to use in Cyber Hunter gameplay

Cyber Hunter is a competitive survival and shooter game which is designed for Android and iOS devices, but can also be played on PC and Mac using an emulator. Like other battle royale game, Cyber Hunter also offers amazing features and the number of elements, which collectively grab the attention of millions of players from around the world to this gameplay. It has survival, exploring, shooting, tactics, skills and many more to offer its players.

Cyber Hunter comes with a wide range of vehicles and guns that help players to show their skills and win the battle. Like other survival games, this gameplay provides a variety of guns which are used as per the situation or the choice of the player. There are several guns in the game that discharge the laser shots.

Let’s have a look at some of the best guns you must be familiar with when going to play Cyber Hunter.

Liberty Alpha Gun

For new players, it is recommended to use Liberty Alpha as the best way to start your battle and to fight against your enemies. Basically, it is an auto rifle which ensures to provide a balanced performance. When Liberty Alpha is armed with an e-core, it works great in increasing the damage to the vehicles and the major materials of the enemies.

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Foxtrot Gun

Foxtrot is an auto SMG gun which ensures to give wonderful stability and high performance. Due to these reasons, it is considered as one of the best guns which you must try if you are a new player.

Crusader Gun

It is another gun included in the list of best guns in Cyber Hunter. Crusader gun is highly beneficial to use in your battle as it can be used in all types of combat in Cyber Hunter. When it is equipped with e-core, it is great to reduce firing noise, which means makes very less noise when you use it for firing.


Trigger is semi-auto shotgun which is highly capable of giving high damage. Due to the unstable trajectory, it is advised to use Trigger with other firearms. It helps in dealing with damage to the opponents.


This arc shotgun is the best choice to aim your target, it is so because Vortex is capable enough to aim the automatically. It has medium recoil and gives strong ball of electricity when armed with e-core.

When you play Cyber Hunter, make sure to consider these best guns in your gameplay.