Beginners Tips to Follow when Playing Cardboard Clash

Previously known as Carton Wars, its name has now been changed to Cardboard Clash, which has now become one of the most preferred battle royale games of the players across the world. Like other battle royale games, this game has the same battle mechanics, but the only difference is the carton characters which makes this cardboard Clash more beautiful and colorful as compared to other similar games.

The main objective is to be the last player on the battlefield. Here, we will discuss enhancing your character, how to get your character, items, and others. For beginners, it will not be difficult to understand this gameplay, when they go through and follow these tips carefully.

In Cardboard Clash, one thing that matters a lot is the stats and skill of the characters. Though each character in the game has unique skills, abilities and different stats, you can increase their stats and skills with the help of items such as paperbook, sandbag, dumbbell, treadmill, and others.

Learn to get characters

Cardboard Clash has more than 18 characters, where the game is started with only one character and you may want more as you level up in the game. The paperbox is used to get the characters; you have to click the store option available on the left side of the lobby. From Blindbox, you can buy a surprise blind box which can be bought using gold and mystery blind box will cost you diamonds which are available at every five levels.

If you want to move to the character menu, you have to click on the change character board sign which will provide you the list of all characters featured in Cardboard Clash. Simply select and click the character, and if you want to check its stats, you get this in the file menu.

The stats of each character include Attack, Health, Speed and Skill. To get the best character as per your preferences, you just need to compare the stats of characters and choose the one that best suits you.

Enhance stats

You can also enhance all these stats of each character using the multiple items, which include Sandbag, Dumbbell, Treadmill, and Paperbook. Simply check their associated tiers which help in leveling the stats much quicker. All have their own purpose, the sandbag is used to increase the attack stats, the dumbbell is used to increase the health stats, the treadmill is used to enhance the speed and paperbook is used to improve the skill.

Cardboard Clash offers melee weapons and guns including frying pan, pistols, shotguns, etc. The best idea is to use the weapons to attack the enemies when they are in range.