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DarK CodeZ

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dcm1.zip26130558#1Dec 2007MD5 sum b99e992ab4bca81c73a21d930d091048
dcm2.zip11983519#2Dec 2008MD5 sum ec786057aae38ce9deee41b525d8294a
dcm3.zip10089074#3Dec 2010
  • Intro
  • News
  • Codes
    • msil.jabir AlcoPaul [EX RrLf]
    • msil.alc0paul.IsPogi AlcoPaul [EX RrLf]
    • Vitamin C AlcoPaul [EX RrLf]
    • failwh4le! Perforin [VXnetw0rk]
    • ppw0rm Perforin [VXnetw0rk]
    • Perl
(... More)MD5 sum 0dceea90eafce5883f80baebbdba6b0f
dcm4.zip785437#4Sep 2012MD5 sum faf87e3768cacb8d2442c64e7b3c174f
dcm5.zip285764#5Jul 2013MD5 sum 7c689dae39ef6f5e5d3d1053064785af
dcm6.zip607935#6Dec 2014
  • Editorial by R3s1stanc3
  • Texts
    • Computer Viruses In This Modern Age by alcopaul
  • Codes
    • MSIL.Perrun2k14 by alcopaul
    • MSIL.Technetium by alcopaul
    • Pure Overwriter
(... More)MD5 sum b935ca11638c4fb4d17a2a6d3a13354d

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