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Virus Organizer

Author: Zulu

Authors note:
The program reads an antivirus report file and moves or copies the infected files to a new or empty folder. Inside this one, it creates more folders with the first character of the names of the viruses it contains. Each file is copied with the name of the virus it has and the original extension (in lowercase). In case of duplicated viruses, one file of each is moved or copied. Also, files having multiple viruses will be named with a fixed text instead of the virus name (since they have many of them).
The report file must be from Antiviral Toolkit Pro or F-Prot.
Files can be named with the name of the virus exactly as reported by the antivirus or with the type of virus between parentheses at the end.
It has an option to keep duplicated viruses in the original folder or to delete them and other option to replace characters that are not supported in the name of the files with the ones you want. Also, optionally, you can replace spaces in the file names with other character.

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