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Author: VirusBuster

VS2000 a.k.a. VirSort 2000 was originally coded by Shadow Seeker, being coded actually by VirusBuster. This DOS program coded in Pascal was a new and improved version of the classic VirSort. VS2000 has unique features made for advanced virus collectors. It also has a Windows shell that makes it very easy to use.
StripLog is also coded in Pascal, and it's an extension of VS2000. Meanwhile VS2000 is used to process logs, StripLog is used to process files. StripLog has been designed to work with VS2000, but it can be used with other applications too.
VS2000 and StripLog are able to manage files. VS2000 making BAT files to copy or move files, and StripLog managing files directly. StripLog is the only one of the programs analyzed able to manage files inside compressed archives. (ZIP/ARJ/RAR files)
VS2000 and StripLog have good manuals with examples, and are full of features, being them a standard to follow by similar applications.
VS2000 is not only able to manage AVP and F-Prot logs, it manages many other log files. (Not supported logs are included under request) Even it?s able to manage unknown log files generically using INI files.
VS2000 is very fast in all of his options and it does not have known bugs inside the last release. Both programs are updated immediately if any bug is found or a new feature must be included.

vs2000.zip646347[VS 8.8]UnknownMD5 sum ac36f64f2b948632e8b8b03c7f3692b4

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