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Virus Kepeer

Author: Tally

fconv - zipped/non-zipped mode conversion utility Also known as VK, Virus Keeper is a DOS native program coded in Clipper. VK has many features, but due to be coded in Clipper is very slow. This program is very used due to the user friendly integration between the logs processes and the management of files.
VK manages AVP and F-Prot logs, loading them and moving new viruses to a directory.
This program is not intuitive, but it has good manuals.
Virus Keeper manages files, but not when files to manage are inside compressed archives. Also VK is not able to manage long file names.
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fconv.zip107265[fconv]UnknownMD5 sum 90cb52aabb8063e41dfa20d133361ec7
vk1r8.zip325797[VK 1.8]UnknownMD5 sum 58202adc7f2c3c486a068b044abb0961

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