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Virus Sorter New Generation

Author: BlackCat

VSNG a.k.a Virus Sort New Generation is basically a copy of VS2000. VSNG is coded in Pascal and compiled with the same compiler than VS2000. VSNG has mainly the same features than VS2000: speed, good manuals, good support, many commands, a shell...
VSNG 1.64 finally manages "warning" and "infected" detections of the same virus as different entries in his virus database. VSNG has severe bugs, making it's use not recommended.
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vsng.rar216998[VSNG 1.2]UnknownMD5 sum cdbb5d21dd7c4be3b0058115019138de
vsngcp.exe630747[VSNG 1.5]UnknownMD5 sum f454b91b484a670af7a2f122639b3003

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