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Author: Igor Hak

This is a Windows native program coded in Delphi with a simple and easy to use interface. It does not have many features but what it does, does it without errors and fastly. Collection Maker can not be used to compare logs in order to check if there are new viruses, it only can be used to sort your virus collection.
Collection maker loads AVP and F-Prot logs, and copy or move new viruses to a specified directory, creating there a new directory with the name of the virus.
It does not have manuals, but it?s easy to use and intuitive. Collection Maker 0.66 has a maximum number of files (50,000), and it does not extract files from compressed archives.
It's updated often.

cmen.zip181730[CM 0.66]UnknownMD5 sum dd0d4654382554862dbbb46f6046c72b

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