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Access Macro Generator

Author: Ultras


An Access 97 macro virus generator by the creator of the UCK and MUCK kits.

Author's note:


Message Box        - Shows message
Kill Files on C:   - Deletes all files on disk C:\
Kill Dll           - Deletes DLL files in directory C:\Window\System
Kill Program Files - Destroys Folders C:\Program Files
Kill Files         - Deleting the files in folders
Kill Windoze Files - Destroys Folders C:\Program Files 

Instructions: After you include the constructor choose the options and name of virus. Hereon start access97 and create the module having named by its name of virus put all from generated file with finishing a name of virus.bas and module is ready. Hereon create macros "Autoexex" in which choose the function of start the program and deliver start a module of your virus.


amg.zip107728AMGNov 1998MD5 sum 948d813484d39581c34af85bc0af70b6

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