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Alchemic Life Generator

Author: Alchemist

From the author's documentation:

Firstly you need to run ALG.EXE, then you have to specify the name of your virus. In the [General Options] group you will see one text box with 'Noname00' text, you will have to replace 'Noname00' with the name of your virus, then you can enter an author name in the text box below, just don't use your real name ;) enter your nick for example.

Then you need to specify the directories which virus will infect. CURDIR means current directory, the directory in which infected html file is currently located. If the directory name is checked then it will be infected by your virus.

If you want to add your own directory you have to click the "add directory" button and enter your directory name.

The same thing with extensions. These are usually *.HTM *.HTML *.HTT, extensions of html documents.

Now click on 'advanced options' button. If you want your virus to display messages then click on 'Display messages' checkbox and specify your message.

Be careful with 'Enable bomb' checkbox, if you click it and choose a day and a month on which the bomb will be activated, the virus will run deltree command with /y *.* parameters, which will delete all directories on current drive.

Generator was published in Habbitat magazine issue #3


alg165.zip234343ALG 1.65May 2002MD5 sum b1153f3cb4eb463827400ecc1fbbde1f

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