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eXtended Disassembler Engine

Author: Z0mbie

Author's notes

XDE is based on the LDE/ADE engines. It allows you to find length of any x86 instruction, source/destination register usage for most commonly used instructions, and to split/merge instruction to/from some binary structure.

From program's viewpoint, CPU operates with: different types of registers, memory and io-devices. As such, there are introduced "object set" concept, which means bitset of registers/memory/etc. being read/written by each instruction.

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xde101.zip14078XDE 1.01Jun 2004MD5 sum 180e9a1be247612042f16a389a2dab2f
xde102.zip14141XDE 1.02Oct 2004MD5 sum 4d935126540d42b7d029bdee0f03e469

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