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$pirit's Universal Polymorphic Device

Author: Night Spirit

Author's note:
"$pirit's Universal Polymorphic Device ($UPD) is the polymorph-based constructor of encoders/decoders. This device is not similar with MTE, TPE, APE, PME, SMEG, GPE and lot of another polymorphic analogs. Of course I acquainted with such engines, but during my creative process I never tried to make something which resemble the plagiarism. So, $UPD-engine present your possibility to convert some ;) your progs into full polymorphic ones. I think what in first viriis makers will turn one's attention to my engine. Yes, they will be right, but this engine can serve for most useful purpose. For example, you can use it for saving your progs from hacking. WARNING! Correct work of [$UPD_2.0] guaranted only if nothing was changed in it's code! During encrypting $UPD build decryptor which consist of several encoding instructions. They are select by $UPD from xor/not/add/sub/dec/inc/rol/ ror/neg types. If selected instruction is xor/add/sub, it can use random registers-keys during encoding or decoding. One of them will be xor with special register, which contain CRC of all decryptor :) So, it's unpossible to change any data in decoder (direct jump anywhere, for example)."
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supd10.zip24371[SUPD 1.0]Dec 1995MD5 sum 77656110dd7410d66cd2e386287b8ad3
supd15.zip27943[SUPD 1.5]Jan 1996MD5 sum de0a37e61031ea5f872ede8e1d65d59a
supd20.zip22077[SUPD 2.0]Apr 1996MD5 sum 58ed1dcdd8e5eb76a71c39a7b75ad282
supd21.zip22682[SUPD 2.1]Apr 1996MD5 sum 6e90353377f206aba25850bcf0dd0fa8
supd22.zip43777[SUPD 2.2]Jun 1996MD5 sum d05c1af7d82b7eb76d078efe0267feeb

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