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Micro Length-Disassembler Engine 32

Author: uNdErX

Engine was released in 29A#7 magazine. The size of the engine is 431 byte.

Author's notes:

A length-disassembler engine is a piece of code that allows u to know the length of any x86 instruction. The mlde32 engine supports the ordinary 386 opcode set, plus the extensions: fpu, mmx, cmov, sse, sse2 etc...

It's usage is very simple here's the prototype:

     int __cdecl mlde32(void *codeptr);
     codeptr -> is a pointer to the opcode that u want to know the size.

if you have any problem using the engine, just take look in some examples at the /examples (nothing more obvious). That's a very simple and powerful engine,and does not require too much system resources either,just 160 bytes of stack space is needed. This engine is only code, and no fixed offsets were used so it can be permutaded/perverted at your own will.


mlde32.zip169445MLDE32Jan 2003MD5 sum 3c2bc8253fa80a27c5cb10b9faec867f

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