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Author: MnemoniX

In the beginning of 1994, a new author entered the stage. Calling himself MnemoniX, this American virus writer proudly presented a new generator called MutaGen. Each successive version is more complex than the previous ones. In MutaGen's documentation, MnemoniX criticizes the other polymorphic generators for being too unreliable and easy to detect.

The author's revision history:

0.80B 1/94 - personal release
0.90B 2/94 - first offical beta test version released. Sometimes scanned as TPE, contained minor bugs.
0.95B 2/94 - fixed bugs & made less scannable.
1.00 3/94 - first official version. Functionally perfect, as far as I can see.
1.10 4/94 - Added more variability in code and optimized existing code. Also added another demonstration virus.
1.10B 4/94 - Fixed protected mode bug, I think. (Thanks Memory Lapse)
1.20 5/94 - Improved code yet more, added more power & polymorphism. (Also, the first demo virus no longer scans as Ash.)
1.30 6/94 - Optimized some code and added more weird twists and turns in the code.
2.00 7/94 - The definitive version. If there is a next version, it will simply be smaller.

(Full info)

mgen090b.zip5645MGEN 0.90bFeb 1994MD5 sum dc8348744acc88249afe944791016d29
mgen095b.zip5839MGEN 0.95bFeb 1994MD5 sum 46c099c8e8a4ef12d9c92b0763369926
mgen100.zip8441MGEN 1.00Mar 1994MD5 sum b4a6d8e2176e8d6bec02a71c32f68eb5
mgen110.zip10395MGEN 1.10Apr 1994MD5 sum 9fa648e9f30cd4e924362a7e51157a4c
mgen110b.zip12186MGEN 1.10bApr 1994MD5 sum e372f3eda8af9cdfa7f6945693dc5e93
mgen120.zip13468MGEN 1.20May 1994MD5 sum 46c546c1d0fda22dff2069ac41ee4680
mgen130.zip10724MGEN 1.30Jun 1994MD5 sum 785166d8e613253ea76ac9553d76cdd5
mgen200.zip17544MGEN 2.00Jul 1994MD5 sum 650abc793318a66b851d63b081b8aaa8

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