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Author: sars

This engimes was released in 29A#7 magazine

Author's notes

This Length-Disassembler was created for processing the executable x86 code instruction's lengths in 32bit mode. When we are saying "executable code" it means the CPU can execute the code. That is Catchy32 will NOT distinguish between the executable code and the data. There are a lot of opcodes that are not used as for now, but the place for them is reserved therefore they will be disassembled as well.

1.6.2 version produced by herm1t is slightly optimized version of the original engine

(Full info)

catchy32.zip4814CATCHY32 1.6Dec 2003MD5 sum b81030b5d7af37765e7c2aff2b19d717
catchy32-1.6.2.zip1838CATCHY32 1.6.2May 2004MD5 sum 5fca92e2310b855e1e541ea580263076

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