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Bliem Polymorphic Engine

Author: Jack Twoflower


A polymorphic infection engine by the author of LiME, CMK, PiE, SPS and SOPS. Released in issue #1 of LineZero Magazine. Evolved into JSMP/JUMP.

Author's note:

"The most bad thing about the already existing polymorphic engines for vba was that the always inserted the code at the same lines or the volume of the source code growed and growed and ... So 'bliem' doesn't have such problems. The main good thing in 'bliem' is that it always 'keeps an eye' on the actually size of the source code and reduces it when it's too big. Let's say something about the technic of inserting the junkcode: The junkcode is inserted into the viruscode not in the common way. The junkcode is inserted while infection. This means that the whole viruscode is stored in arrays and the junkcode is stored in some of this arrays. Like the main code is stored there, also junkcode is also there and will be inserted while infecting the new class object. While inserting the actual code into arrays, the 'bliem brain' is checking for the actually size of itself and if its too big, it deletes some junk arrays. I use this method because the old one with the command '.deletelines' only screwed up the code."


bliem.zip772BliemJun 1999MD5 sum 6d986d14707b750b6c79af6fdf43c732

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