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Antigen's Radical Tunneler

Author: Antigen

ART 3.0 (reallly post ART, renamed to something else)

Author's description:

"This is by far the most revolutionary (and largest) tunneler that I have encountered, and I hope that you will agree with me in awe of its might and power. ;) The basic idea is that very few AV packages test for tunneling, but those that do can render a mega-krad polymorphic stealth armoured IRQ hooking virus absolutely useless with just a few opcodes. I found this to be somewhat unjust, and decided to take matters into my own hands.

Here is the fruit of my labors!" "The total size of ART is 1.6k, which I consider to be a small price for complete invulnerability to common and even most uncommon detection/disabling methods."

(Full info)

art10.zip13311[ART 1.0]Feb 1995MD5 sum 0a80c52f68709ff1a689208e4f3b48ba
art22.zip12265[ART 2.2]Apr 1995MD5 sum 7c55a8ba492c612dad8993e8525f1758
art30!.zip6707[ART 3.0]UnknownMD5 sum d6354752e2fbd0def482e989eac7a487

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