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The Matrix Zine

Group: Matrix

Contents: HTML based e-zine that contains interviews, several tutorials/articles, tools and viruses (binary and source).
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mtx1.zip1598752[1]Apr 2000Intro
  • Interview with Prizzy
  • Interview with T-2000
  • Call Gate by Z0MBiE
  • Infection HLP file by ULTRAS/MATRiX
  • IRC w0rm tutorial by Del_Armg0/MATRiX
  • Internet and
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mtx2.zip1023485[2]Sep 2000Intro
  • Interview with Lifewire by Ultras
  • Interview with doctorL by Del_Armg0
Articles (... More)MD5 sum 996e6f272e3241c9439f8e073d1cd90d
mtx3.zip1638706[3]Apr 2001Editorial
  • MATRiX]#3 zine by [MATRiX]
  • Greetings by [MATRiX]
  • Membership by [MATRiX]
  • Sabia victim mail by Delly[MATRiX]
  • BAT in wild by AVP TeAm
  • Interview with Black Jack by ULTRAS[MATRiX]
  • Interview with BumbleBee by ULTRAS[MATRiX]
  • Interview with HenKy by ULTRAS[MATRiX]
  • Interview with Mandragore by ULTRAS[MATRiX]
  • Interview with Stormbringer by T2000/IR
  • Interview with Lord Julus by ULTRAS[MATRiX]
  • Interview with Ratter/29a by T2000/IR
  • Interview with CYPH3R by Del_Armg0[MATRiX]
  • Interview with Yello by Del_Armg0[MATRiX]
  • [ref lib:vzo21]Automated Reverse Engineering: MistFall Engine by Z0MBiE
  • Using Anti-Virus in Virus by NBK[MATRiX]
  • Debugger Detected by ULTRAS[MATRiX]
  • Blocks access to AV sites by T2000/IR
  • Cdrom inefction by ULTRAS[MATRiX]
  • Deep Rooting by Del_Armg0[MATRiX]
  • Hiding Entry-Point by NBK[MATRiX]
  • Import game by mort[MATRiX]
  • Updating through irc by LifeWire/IkX
  • Linux Worms by SnakeByte[MATRiX]
  • IPC - InterProcess Communications by ULTRAS [MATRiX]
  • MAKE-viruses by Gobleen Warrior/SMF
  • MetaVirizm by ULTRAS[MATRiX]
  • Win32TipzTricz by ULTRAS[MATRiX]
  • Polymorphism in VBA/VBS virii by SMOOTHiE[Zer0Gravity]
  • Dynamics of Self-replicating code behavior by ANAkTOS[MATRiX]
  • Kernel API tutorial by Cell[MATRiX]
  • Formulas for Random Number Generators by The Mental Driller/29A
  • Pointbat Compression Engine by pointbat[MATRiX]
  • Schadenfreude by Vecna
  • Deviator's Morphing Engine by Deviator[MATRiX]
  • MATRiX#2 Demo by Z0MBiE
  • Ultra Lempel-Ziv by ULTRAS[MATRiX]
  • Win32
    • Win95.Tecata by ShiTz0r
    • Win32.ZMist.c by Z0MBiE
    • Win95.WinMulti by DjSad
    • Win32.Simple by DjSad
    • Win32.Life by mort[MATRiX]
    • Win32.Silencer by Deviator[HAZARD]
    • Win32.Kaido by HenKy
    • I-Worm.Poetry by ANAkTOS[MATRiX]
    • Win32.Sadorom by HenKy
    • Win32.Totenkopf by ShiTz0r
    • Win.Tentacle diss by Black Jack
    • Win32.Kuto by Juan Tamad
    • Win32.Sin by ULTRAS[MATRiX]
    • Win95.Kante by BlackJack
    • Win32.Ikarus by BlackJack
    • Win32.Cell by Cell
    • Win95.Crucifax by HenKy
    • Win32.Insane by Deviator[HAZARD]
    • Win32.Yonggary! by Bumblebee
    • Win95.Integrator by Gobleen Warrior[SMF]
    • DOC6 infector by Vecna
    • DaCryptic by Cryptic_
  • DOS
    • TXTVir by DjSad
    • XmsVirus by DjSad
    • ArchiverX by DjSad
    • HaVirus by DjSad
    • Invert by DjSad
    • Vlasov by DjSad
  • Script
    • VBS.Hatred by Gobleen Warrior/SMF
    • JS.3Nokia by Yello
    • I-Worm.Dawn by T2[IR]
    • Celine by Del_Armg0[MATRiX]
    • VBS.SuperFlous by Gobleen Warrior/SMF
  • Macro
    • XP.Kallisti by jackie / linezer0
    • WM97.Nihilit by Necronomikon [ShadowVX]
    • XP.tijor by ULTRAS[MATRiX]
    • XP.FirstLife by ULTRAS[MATRiX]

Welcome in ezine MATRiX III.

I am very glad that you are reading this new release of the magazine of the group MATRiX. Much has taken place this time, Much has changed, but we with are you and make this magazine. Forgive us, you will not see much stuff from group MATRiX we did almost nothing made, because many members had problems in real life. I think in the following magazine you will see very interesting things from our group.

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