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valhalla2.zip3505408#2Mar 2012

intro words by SPTH

Hello and welcome to Valhalla 2!!!

Today, exactly 10 years ago, I made my first entry at my blog and had the first contact with the vx scene. This is a perfect possibility to say thanks for the awesome time to you - and my present to all of you is this nice small VX e-zine.

This is now actually the third e-zine of a series:

The idea has always been clear: We work as hard as we can, and release small beautiful magazines. In my opinion this is much better than holding good stuff back that it gets old.

We did not write official call-for-papers, did not officially announce the zine anything. It was secret - except for the people who were involved. So instead of writing one message at a homepage/forum, we wrote many many (!) mails with interested people - thats a nice way imo, having much personal contact.

This magazine has been done by many people:

hh86 - She had the initial idea of making an e-zine, and invited me in the first place - that was in fall of 2010. It has been a very productive and interesting cooperation with her. Thanks for all of that! Hope we can continue this successful way :) After a short vacation, of course ;)

herm1t - So much thanks for all your effort for making this awesome great best Library about computer viruses and hosting us vxers :) And of course, thanks for the fascinating discussions. You're awesome! :)

roy g biv - Thanks for all of your great work last years - so interesting! Ohh, next time when you decide to send some contribution 90mins before the release, please consider a form where I dont have to use bruteforce password search for decryption - this confuses me alot :-o [thx to hh86 for solving this puzzle haha] Thanks for the nice contact over the years, wish you good luck and all the best!!!

mos6581 - I'm very glad we got in touch, interesting to talk to you, thanks for the great contribute. I hope we can keep working together for long time! :)

Peter Kleissner - Thanks for being part! Was very interesting to meet you. Wish you much luck your trial, hope the public prosecutor stops being a bitch and starts understand what became clear to everybody (even the judge).

alcopaul - Thanks for being such a nice person - next time when i'm on the east-coast, we will go for a few beer! :) Sorry that I didnt include your MP3 virus which you released 2h before magazine release, please consider to send your stuff a bit earlier - thanks!

m0sa - I'm surprised that you aren't annoyed by me pushing you to work on various projects :) I'm glad we had all those interesting discussions about security and especially politics - i understand some things much better now.

belial - Thanks for letting me know about this awesome idea - DWARF. You should really work on it, it will be such cool project! Cant wait for the surprized faces of AVers who have no idea about that format :)

Peter Ferrie - Thanks alot for the time you invested to answere all interview questions - became a very interesting document. And now have fun watching us, looking at some of our code, and thinking about what we will do next :)) See you out there!

pr0mix - Thanks for answering the interview questions, very interesting to know a bit more about you. You are a pretty skilled programmer, we should focus and work together alot in near future :)

Wargame - Also thanks for answereing the interview - very interesting. Hope we will see cool new stuff by you soon. Oh, and offtopic: Congratulations that you finally got rid of Berlusconi! :) Arrivederci!

The future will look like this: We continue working very hard and release sub-annual magazines, we dont announce an official date or write some call4papers. You want to be part of those magazines, therefore will contact me ([email protected]) I will tell you what to do :).

In the end, some clarifications make sense: We detest online criminals who spread malware to harm people. We write viruses for fun, because we like to learn and develope new technologies, because we consider it as art, because we like to think about (semi-)scientific consequences of, ...

intro words by hh86

Into Valhalla for the second time. As always I'm very thankful to SPTH for all this. Greetings and thanks to all contributors as well. Happy birthday SPTH!!

intro words by herm1t

Hi, buddy! I am so glad that I have the opportunity to write a few words for the intro of this magazine. So often the scene were called doomed or dead, yet there are so many virus authors and virus researchers out there and even keeping the traditions like releasing the magazines. :-)

Sometimes you could think that there is nothing interesting left, that there are no blank spaces in the virology, that all you could imagine is well known before. You could feel lonely and decide that your curiosity is akin to perversion and that your altruistic efforts would be converted to a fast buck by a blackhats or avers. (At least I sometimes did. In the bad mood). But that's simply not true.

I just checked the VX Heavens stat page and once again received an evidence that there are hundreds of thousand of people who share the same attitude and interests. Not all, but many of them. So many. I am happy that as time passed by our creations became more clever and attractive. I am fascinated with a slow, but inevitable maturing of technology.

I wish to greet all vxers and hope that you'll enjoy reading this zine as much as I do.

intro words by mos6581


Thanks for having me here, this will be my second published virus :)

Contact me at [ssphysics] [@] [!] :)

Greetz to izee, mr prophet, pr0mix, pri0n, badbit, MetalKid, spth, hh86 DragonGeo2, DL :), zarathustra, fellaz at openrce and last but not least: all inactive members of the vx scene.

intro words by alcopaul


SPTH spearheading the first VX zine release of 2012 is awesome.

Let's keep the infection and the scene alive. Valhalla 2, fuck yeah!

greetz: SPTH, hh86, otto von gutenberg,, forum members and my fellow Valhalla 2 contributors

intro words by m0sa

First of all, it is a great honor for me to be among those great coders here in Valhalla 2. I'd like to give SPTH very deep warm thanks for giving me the opportunity to have an article here. I also like to thank hh86 for her awesome codes. Moreover, I'd like to thank roy g biv for his valuable contribution that enriched the scene. Huge thanks goes to the big genius guys from which I've learnt the most: Z0mbie, Benny, and The Mental Driller. Last but not least, those elites Peter Szor and Peter Ferrie cannot be forgotten and I will always thank them.

Finally, that's how I see virus writing:

A virus is not malware .. it is a genius-ware

Writing a virus is like playing chess with myself, as soon as I create one, I immediately think about how to catch it.

See you in Valhalla # 3 with some android codes :)

intro words by belial

Welcome to the Valhalla #2 e-zine and my introduction. Before writing this article, i looked a bit over my old, buggy sources and the content of other ezines. It seems time is running. ;)

I don't know when i started with writing viruses because my old dos sources were never released in an e-zine. I think it has been around 1997 and 1998 when a friend of mine gave me the virus creation laboratory, some vx tutorials and the last words of the mentor on some floppy discs (i could not download them by myself because i did not have a modem and an internet connection;). I still love the following quote from one of these tuorials (dark angels phunky virus writing guide):

"Virii are wondrous creations written for the sole purpose of spreading and destroying the systems of unsuspecting fools. This eliminates the systems of simpletons who can't tell that there is a problem when a 100 byte file suddenly blossoms into a 1,000 byte file. Duh. These low-lifes do not deserve to exist, so it is our sacred duty to wipe their hard drives off the face of the Earth." xD

I found my first win32 virus attempt in Coderz #1 which was released in november, 2000. Calling it an attempt is the right description: I used APIs like "WinExec()" because "CreateProcess()" needed too many parameters and i did not understand how to use them ;) But anyway, it was still a magic time, many active virus authors were hosted on and visited #virus on undernet (which is now a broken shadow of it former self).

Ok, i just recognize that im talking about the good old times which is an indicator for getting old ;) But don't listen to old suckers who complain that the scene is dead and in the past everything was better. Its not true. In the past, everybody was copying e.g. one code snippet for calculating the delta offset and storing it in the ebp register. Who the hell invented this shit? It makes conventional stack frames impossible because they need ebp.

Even more worse, nowadays some people still believe some old vx turorials which recommend to Write every task in assembler because its 1337 and the way to go. Sorry but this is so terribly wrong: You always have to use the programming language which provides the best, fastest and cleanest solution. And this is in 99% of all cases NOT assembler. Google for "Master Foo and the Ten Thousand Lines" and you will understand.

Compared to the past, many things are better today. We have nowadays good pages like which contain last collections of tutorials and virus history. We have so many pages dedicated to programming (which teach you all kind of programming languages and good coding guide lines), math, microcontrollers, etc. Furthermore, you can visit more than 200 days/year it-sec conferences. And there are still many people who write articles and code things related to malware. The only difference is that they don't call themselfs "vxers" but "security researchers".

Ok, enough said, enjoy the zine :-)

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