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Length Disassembler Engine 32

Author: Z0mbie

Author's Note:

LDE32 is a library which may be used to determine length of any x86 instructiion, i.e. to provide partial disassembling. LDE32 has only two subroutines.

void pascal disasm_init(void* tableptr);

This subroutine used to build internal data table of 2048 byte length.

int pascal disasm_main(void* opcodeptr, void* tableptr);

This subroutine used to disassemble one instruction. It returns length of instruction in bytes, or -1 if an error occured. Subroutines preserves all registers; code is offset-independent; no data used except 2k at *tableptr.

LDE32/VC7 is a port of the original engine to VC++ 7.0 done at

(Full info)

lde32.zip27950LDE32 1.02Mar 2000MD5 sum d1165ac36b87585259d0605285d3721c
lde32_104.zip28373LDE32 1.04May 2000MD5 sum 920dbca9b9fef148d0626189ef0fc992
lde32_105.zip4379LDE32 1.05 (update)Jan 2001MD5 sum acb7d4f6164ec03ecd2c475a156333d7
lde32_106.zip5084LDE32 1.06 (update)Mar 2001MD5 sum ae38404412ac2cef30672ea7f9820720
ldedemo.zip7090LDE32 DemoDec 1999MD5 sum ec42149fe999ce8371b642c3890eb21e
lde32_vc7.zip4428LDE32/VC7May 2005(Back to index)MD5 sum 4f571c61d148d13e9ffa97c3142d7c9d

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