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Z0MBiE-10.a (ZMyst) - Virus for Windows by Z0mbie

Virus for Windows

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Author's notes

MistFall.Z0MBiE-10.a (engine demo. also used: RPME, CODEGEN, LDE32, ETG)

special thanx to S.S.R., greetz goes to Vecna, Mr.Sandman


  1. when infected PE file started, check (by means of Atoms) if dropper is alredy running, then exit; otherwise re-execute current program, leaving current process as main viral process.
  2. when main viral process is executed, build new permutating copy (slow-permutating) by means of RPME, then search for PE EXE files, and infect'em.

infection method: (MISTFALL engine)

  1. disassemble file (fixups required)
  2. integrate with viral body
  3. assemble file

infection details:

So, poly-encrypted permutated viral body is completely integrated with target file. Hmm.. checkmate?

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