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Source code of computer viruses

Yonggary - Virus for Windows by Bumblebee

Virus for Windows

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Author's notes

hehe Who or what is Yonggary? The corean monster like... guess who!


This is the source code of a VIRUS. The author is not responsabile of any damage that may occur due to the assembly of this file. Use it at your own risk.

It has nothing really new, but here follows some features:

The payload triggers after 6 months of file infection.

I coded it coz a guy asked me for a new virus to test speed reply of antivirus ppl to new *menaces*. You know i like to re-use parts of code i did for other viruses. This time was a need coz i had little time to code it.

Thanx to Perikles (Atheniensis ;) for his great work testing this virus. Thanx you very much friend!

Even the tests i've found a bug. I forget to init reentrace flag in per-process hooking routine. Look comments :/

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