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Trivial_1 - Virus for MS-DOS by BKNY0NNX

Virus for MS-DOS

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Published in "My First E-Zine"

Writing the overwriting virus on Borland Pascal 7.00

You have solved to write the virus, but that it there was on-more simply and on-dangerous. I think that this will become you value ;)

The virus possible to write in any language, but I has chosen BP7, because of its simplicities and ample amount of programs on him.

The Algorithm of our most primitiv virus is:

               |Open its file, |
               |read viral body|
               |and close it   |
               |Find first     |
               |victim         |
               |If not found   |
               |      -        +------+
               |     exit      |      |
               +------+--------+      |
                      |               |
               +------+----------+    |
               |Open victim's    |    |
               |file, write virus|    |
               |and close file   |    |
               +------+----------+    |
                      |               |
               +------+----------+    |
               |Find next        +----+
               |victim           |

Essence its in that that it its body rewrites bodies of their own victims (rewriting AKA overwriter)

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