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Start - Virus for MS-DOS by DJ Sadovnikov

Virus for MS-DOS

DJ Sadovnikov
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Released in Matrix#1

Author's notes

Now I'm presenting for attention of respected DOS users my second and, I hope, not last virus (the first virus was named "Antipas.1101"). This virus is 2200 bytes long and is named "$tart". If it will be widespread and, as result, get into the bases of some antiviruses, I ask for name it "$tart.2200" or, in the last resort, "Start.2200". I wrote this virus for my personal purposes (see effects below), but I hope it will be useful for someone else. I'm not a distributor of this virus, so I don't bear any responsibility for the injury to the software, caused by virus. The writing of the virus was finished 18.11.1998 at 20:00. Autor - DJ Sadovnikov. And now I tell you about the virus explicitly (for whose whom laziness to look the source text).


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