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Pestilence - Virus for Windows by fAMINE

Virus for Windows

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Windows Encrypted Non-Fractioned Cavity Virus

Well, here's my tiny, optimized, Win32 non-fractioned cavity virus: Pestilence. The idea here was to have a small Windows virus that did not change the size of its host, and took few enough bytes to fit into the average PE cavity. The virus encrypts itself with a random new key every time that it infects a new host, and Displays a message box (the payload) when it infects a new file. In total, the full virus amounts to 355 bytes, however with the payload it ends up being 427. It uses no hardcoded addresses, works on all NT systems and infects one MZ binary in the current directory per execution.

If an executable does not have enough space in its code cavity to accomodate the virus, it is skipped.

Prequisites: main executable must have the system attribute, and must have the write-privilege flag set on its code segment

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