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Naked Truth - Virus for MS-DOS by The Unforiven

Virus for MS-DOS

The Unforiven
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Author's notes

This is a mutation of the virus Born on the Fourth of July This was written by TBSI. Mcafee scan used to find it as the "ash" virus. But I changed on a few bytes, and he's now tricked. Dr Alan Salomon "string" where placed at the beginning of the code, but now he's cheated too..So...enjoy!

This is a non-overwriting com infector, it is not resident. It checks which day it is, and if it is the 17:ten the virus will have a redeeming. A redeeming is very nice.

This might not be the best mutation, but afterall, it cheats the most common virus scanners. This was born the seventeen of September 1993 (hate all date-names)

Scan v108 can't find this, neither can S&S Toolkit 6.54, havn't tried with TBScan/F-Prot, but they will probably identify it as the "ash" virus.

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