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Lychan - Virus for Linux by lclee_vx

Virus for Linux

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Author's comments

lychan is a ELF infector on Linux system with the simple infection algorithm. This is an simple example of an elf binary infection and tested on Red Hat 8.0

To assemble it:
nasm -f elf -F stabs -g lychan.asm
ld -o lychan lychan.o
./elfwrsec lychan


  1. Get the elfwrsec tool by The King (c)
  2. This lychan virus infection method is inspired of winux virus coded by benny/29A. I will try to come out my own infection methods later, sigh.....forgive me because I just spent 3 weeks to code this stuff. :p
  3. This is just proof of concept that how to code the virus on linux, this virus will copy itself into the elf files, unfortunately, its will corrupt the target files. The bug still need to fix. :( !!
  4. The virus just scan the elf file named "f13labs" in the current directory only.
  5. if you want to test this virus, just rename any elf file in your linux system to "f13labs" and put into same directory with virus "lychan"

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