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k0dy - Virus for Linux by Stealthf0rk

Virus for Linux

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kay guys, here we go... As i told you with VLP I (we try to write an fast-infector) here's the result: a full, non-overwriting module infector that catches lkm's due to create_module() and infects them (max. 7) if someone calls delete_module() [even on autoclean]. Linux is not longer a virii-secure system :( and BSD follows next week ... Since it is not needed 2 get root (by the module) you should pay attention on liane. Note the asm code in function init_module(). U should assemble your /usr/src/.../module.c with -S and your CFLAG From your Makefile and look for the returnvalue from the first call of find_module() in sys_init_module(). look where its stored (%ebp for me) and change it in __asm__ init_module()! (but may it is not needed)

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