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Sailor.Jupiter - Virus for MS-DOS by b0z0

Virus for MS-DOS

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Released in Xine#1

Author's notes

well, boot infectors... it has to be done :) let's see what it does:

  • infects BS/MBR. Original MBR is on 0,0,2 and original BS on floppyes is on 0,1,14.
  • MBR stealth on write/read/verify
  • Floppy BS stealth on read. I haven't implemented floppy BS stealth on write because i think that is a waste of space. infact it gets a lot of space to test all the possible writings to the original bs. and a non complete check will only bring problems. anyway if a user formats the diskette while the virus is in mem it will be infect on the first read, that's the stage when format checks the total space on diskette :)
  • Heavy antiheuristic structures agains TBScan. the infected boot sectors actually doesn't flag any flag with TBScan 7.04. well, that article on the flags was of use for someone :)
  • Anti-Virstop feature. This is the first virus, i think, that uses the Virstop backdoor, so the AV won't notice the infected boot sector when a user read an infected diskette. Thanx Dandler!

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