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Infinite - Virus for Windows by Billy Belcebu

Virus for Windows

Billy Belcebu
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Author's notes


Welcome to Infinite. This virus has been very rare for me, as its ambient of development was very odd. Well, it's my first virus using cavity tech, something that i thought that it was more difficult than it really was... I sincerely doubt that it would work in WinNT family (NT4,W2K), as i havent been able to test it there (Win2k has some incompatibilities with my 3DFX Voodoo2 and my soundcard), but i didn't wanted to change that thing of Win32. If it doesn't, i don't care... Blah blah blah, i've returned from my laaaarge VX holydays and i've just recently finished Forever and this babe. I hope i haven't lost my awesome code style (blah, just kidding... i don't have anything awesome besides the size of my dick - enormous) :) Oh, i almost forgot... I've realized that the cavity technique is stable most of the times, but it's not perfect, and i should do much more comprobations before infection than the already existing ones, but i really don't care: Windows also has fails in its code and noone reminds it ;) It's not a special virus in any field, but i wanted to do some cavity stuff and here it is. Mwaha!


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