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Ikee - Worm for - by ikex

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Worm iKee targets jailbroken iPhones and takes advantage of SSH service that uses default password to allow remote user logins.

From an interview by JD, the author explains:

As for users that are infected, there are two common denominator Б─⌠ They all have hacked iPhones (known to the hacking community as Б─°JailBrokenБ─², and they all use an SSH Daemon, allowing users to connect to their phoneБ─≥s remotely, and attempt to login.

Worm Propagation Method: SSH service using default password

Author recommendation:

Users that have already Б─°JailBrokenБ─² their iPhones, should immediately change the root account password, even if they have not installed an SSH Daemon.

Worm Behaviour:

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