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Source code of computer viruses

Idele 1.9 - Virus for Windows by Dr.L

Virus for Windows

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Released in 29A#5

Author's notes

This is a per-process encrypted virus. It uses a new EPO (*) technic (as far i know), nothing is modified in the host code part.

The virus searchs targets on C:,D:,E:,F: drives when ever those drives are accessible.

The virus works fine on Win9x/Win nt4 platforms, but don't work on Win 2k platform.

This virus is undetected at the time it was completed, yet it's not destructive, but it's a computer virus so use it at your own risks !

I can't be held as responsible for use/misuse of this program. This program was only designed for research aims.

(Is fire guns dealers can be held also as responsible for the death of a young guy somewhere in the world when someone uses a machine gun to kill him ?)

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