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I-AM-SICK - Virus for Linux by DownBload

Virus for Linux

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Author's notes

This is simple linux file virus that I wrote just for example. Virus will just write his code to the 'host' file, and real host file code will be located after our virus. When host is started, virus code will be started, and virus will scan for other files for infection. When infection is done, virus will extract real host code and run it. String "I-am-sick virus from II-Labs" will be written to the end of infected files.

This virus is limited to /tmp directory (because I wrote it just for example), but it is trivial to change that. If you wanna test this code, compile it and look for binary size. Than edit this source and change '#define MYSIZE 15488' to binary size (in bytes). Compile it again and it is ready for infection :o). Code is messy as it should be :-).

P.S. Croatian expert for computer viruses Lucian Caric said that he won't give job to anyone who wrote some kind of virus, no matter how skilled is that person. It looks that I won't work for him, DAMN ;-))).

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