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Fabi 2 - Virus for Windows by Vecna

Virus for Windows

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Released in Matrix#2

Author's notes

This is a updated version of my multipartite virus Fabi. It fixes the bugz while infecting big PE files, and also has the correct directory to NORMAL.DOT for all supported WinWord versions. Now this virus is encripted, use a better compression algorithm for the preparated NORMAL.DOT and macro code, and, more important, use a new scheme to jump DOC->PE. Yeahh, no more dropping a debug script, and using a batch file to make it a PE EXE!!!

Now I convert the PE dropper in printable characters, stored into variable inside the virus, then re-create it using some math. Clear and fast. I am really sad dont have thinked this scheme before, for first Fabi and Cocaine.

This new way is 100% safe, work faster and more reliable than older method. And also is 10x times smaller than old'n'buggy DEBUG.EXE way.

The new compression algorithm, aPLib v0.22b, compress very better than my old LZW scheme. This is why this virus is under 10kb, a new record for me :P

Greetz goes to Kalamarai, thankz to Somnium, and fuckz to all the rest

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