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Elsa - Worm for Windows by Del_Armg0

Worm for Windows

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Released in Matrix#2

Author's notes


Elsa first will drop and copie all the "needed" files, after this wild files spawning, she will modify registry and check for payload;

The first .bat use FTP.exe to DL pkzip & rar, the second .bat will use this 2 DL files to add the worm in many *.zip & *.rar on the HD.

mIRC script don't use 'on join' event, but is more Social E. The fake Netstat is just a feature for trojan luver... hehehe And a complete Deep-Rooting, i guess hard to remove completely for newbies.

Of course u could see if u compile, that it's not totally fonctionnal, simply cos' it's fastly coded for MATRiX #2 / it's just a Beta lot's bugs / not totally tested / will not be spreaded in the wild ...again a lots to do/optimize/imagine/test for V.2.0 "SpecialSpread" :) cya soon Delly_

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