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Source code of computer viruses

Eddie 1.31 - Virus for MS-DOS by Dark Avenger

Virus for MS-DOS

Dark Avenger
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Author's notes,/p>

"Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall not be disappointed.

The original source of one of the first Bulgarian viruses is in front of you. As you may notice, it's full of rubbish and bugs, but nevertheless the virus has spread surprisingly quickly troughout the country and made a quick round the globe. (It's well-known in Eastern and Western Europe, as well as in USA.) Due to the aniversary of its creation, the source is distributed freely. You have the rights to distribute the source which can be charged or free of charge, with the only condition not to modify it. The one, who intentionaly distributes this source modified in any way will be punished! Still, the author will be glad if any of you improves it and spreads the resulting executive file (i.e., the virus itself). Pay attention to the fact that after you assemble the source, the resulting .COM-file cannot be run. For that purpose you have to create a three-byte file, consisting of the hex numbers 0e9h, 68h, 0 and then to combine the two files. Don't try to place a JMP at the beginning of the source.

DISCLAIMER: The author does not take any responsability for any damage, either direct or implied, caused by the usage or not of this source or of the resulting code after assembly. No warrant is made about the product functionability or quality.

I cannot resist to express my special gratitude to my "populazer" Dipl. eng. Vesselin Bontchev, who makes me famous and who, wishing it or not, helps very much in the spreading of my viruses, in spite of the fact that he tries to do just the opposite (writing programs in C has never led to any good).

Greetings to all virus writers!

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