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Diesel - Virus for Linux by paddingx

Virus for Linux

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Released in 29A#4

Author's notes

Diesel is a non-resident virus targeted at ELF executables under Linux. When executed, it will restore the host, fork, and then begin to scan recursively for files to infect in several directories.

This virus is partly based on the Staog virus by Quantum / VLAD. However, contrary to Staog, Diesel can be runned under all versions of the Linux kernel. Note that it won't attempt to infect the /usr directory, although it contains many executable files to infect.

This comes from the fact that, if given root access, infecting /usr will simply make Linux crash - even the login. This problem will be fixed later. If you want to see how Diesel works, enter: strace diesel &> infect.log (better run it in user mode).

Diesel has been fully tested under Suse Linux 6.3 as root. It does not cause any segmentation fault, and the system behaves as usual.

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