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Carcass 1.01 - Virus for MS-DOS by T-2000

Virus for MS-DOS

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Released in Matrix#2

Author's notes


This was written for demonstration-purposes only, hence the lack of many things standard in the average virus. The virus goes resident by overwriting the INT 21h entrypoint with a JMP FAR to the actual virus-ISR. This works both in plain DOS and in Win9x DOS-boxes, as the virus will store it's TSR-code in an reserved section of the BIOS. I've seen very few virii that incorporate full-stealth *correctly*, so you may want to take a look at these routines. Furthermore this virus has size-stealth in Win9x DOS-boxes.

Win9x-systems may become rather unstable, this is because we're messing with a shared kernel, and DOS doesn't provide us any multitasking functions (ie. semaphores, mutexes, etc), so be it..

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