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Caline - Virus for Linux by Cyneox

Virus for Linux

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Released in DCA#1

Author's notes

Its a ELF infector using the S.P.I technique to insert the virus code after the code segment... If u want to get more info about that just check out my other infectors/viruses.

The really great thing on Lin32.Caline is that the whole infector consists of C code and the virus code consists of 98% C code too. The rest was written in inline ASM which is supported by gcc. After all I didnt have to use pure ASM code :-P I had to use inline ASM coz all that procedures : save all registers on stack: "pushf;pusha;" and for calling the virus body: "call virus_body" . ( check out the code for getting no misunderstoods)

That was quite simple and was a new method to me. Though I had some problems with the offsets etc but I've managed to solve them.

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