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Brundle Fly 0.0.1 - Virus for Linux by Konrad Rieck and Konrad Kretschm

Virus for Linux

Konrad Rieck and Konrad Kretschm
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Brundle Fly is a good-natured Linux ELF virus developed by Konrad Rieck and Konrad Kretschmer during university studies. It happily lives on 2.2 and 2.4 Linux systems, it is library independant and enjoys libc5 as much as glibc. Brundle Fly is a direct relative of Silvio Cesare's VIT virus. (Documentation in german only)


Brundle Fly has been developed as the final project in the course "Operating Systems". A complete documentation of all features and the way the virus works is only available in german.

Documentation: brundle-fly.pdf as PDF or brundle-fly.html as HTML. Keep in mind that this virus has been designed for educational purposes only. Don't spread it on any host, this would be illegal in nearly all countries we know of!

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