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BlackBat - Virus for Windows by Rohitab Batra

Virus for Windows

Rohitab Batra
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Author's notes

Compiling (Turbo Assembler)

c:\>tasm32 /ml /m3 /t /w2 /s /p /dDEBUG=1 BlackBat

Setting DEBUG=0 will compile the virus in Release mode. In this mode, an error message will be displayed, so that you don't accidently compile in release mode. In Release mode, the size of the Virus will be smaller, and .EXE files will be infected, instead of .XYZ files. In Debug mode, the file NOTEPAD.EXE, if found in the current directory, will be infected.

Linking (Turbo Linker)

c:\>tlink32 /x /Tpe /aa /c BlackBat,BlackBat,,IMPORT32.LIB

Making Code Section Writable (EditBin from SDK, or any other utility)

c:\>editbin /SECTION:CODE,w BlackBat.EXE

Info About the Virus

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