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Atomic v1.00 - Virus for MS-DOS by MnemoniX

Virus for MS-DOS

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Author's notes

This virus is a spawning, resident infector of .EXE programs. Upon execution, Atomic will stay resident in memory, and capture int 21h. Whenever it detects an .EXE file being executed, it will create a .COM file with the virus in the same directory, with the same name.

If the user tries to run an infected .EXE file, the .COM file is run first, installing itself in memory and spreading it yet more. (The infected .EXE files are not actually changed.)

On the 14th of the month, the virus will affix its signature to three non-EXE files that are opened or executed. The signature is just a short string that says "Atomix v1.00 by Mnemonix."

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